Restaurant Vanatorul, Poiana Brasov


The hunter, refreshed by sleep, by food, and by the “hunks” of the mansion, is again ignited by the temptation of luck — he seeks the game with his eyes, with his thoughts he may fly to other longings, but the senses are always awake; his guarded heart is always set in motion and the ugly flees, flees far, beyond the fickle horizon of the boundless plain […]

"Divine Comedy", Dante Alighieri


With a tradition of over 45 years, Vânătorul Restaurant has remained a distinguished, warm and welcoming place even today.

Situated in a picturesque area, at the cool foot of the fir forests and away from the buzz of the street, which could disturb its guests, Vânătorul Restaurant is decorated in a truly hunting style.


In the three saloons of the restaurant there are, as if detached from nature, life sequences chosen with great care, according to the name of each one.

“Hunter’s Saloon” hosts our band, which manages to bring a touch of joy in your souls and to intertwine the musical chords with the aroma of the delicious dishes prepared by the our chef. Certainly, even the most refined tastes will be fully satisfied.

The transition to the imposing and at the same time discreet “Male Deer Saloon” is made through a gate that delimits a slightly more secluded area, a place where you are enveloped by the warmth of the fireplace.

As soon as you take a few more steps, you enter an oasis of light. You are in the “Deer Salon” – where the view of the summer garden simply leaves you speechless.


In the back garden you are greeted by the smell of brandy and freshly smoked sausages, but also by the joy of the campfire, which leads you to the middle of the pasture where, in the “Hunting Nests”, you can leisurely taste the house dishes.


The welcoming and intimate atmosphere is maintained by our band, which adds flavor to the dishes made by our chef. Fine chords, romanian traditional dishes and good times!

Restaurant Vanatorul, Poiana Brasov

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Restaurant Vanatorul, Poiana Brasov

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