Celebrate the magic of Christmas 2021 in Poiana Brașov at Boutiuque Hotel Casa Emil!

Our offer includes accommodation packages with half board for 3 and 5 nights.

23 - 28 DECEMBER 2021


Accomodation with Half Board

2.150 Lei

Small Double Room

2.850 Lei

Large Double Room

3.300 Lei



Accomodation with Half Board

3.250 Lei

Small Double Room

4.500 Lei

Large Double Room

4.950 Lei



Prices are for 2 persons

All meals are served in Vanatorul Restaurant, belonging to the same company as Boutique Hotel Casa Emil, the distance between the locations being 10m.

Breakfast is served “a la carte”, starting each day at 09:30, but can also be served around 11:30, if desired.

The dinner is served under the same principle, with the possibility to order from the restaurants menu, everything you want. Exceptions are all alcoholic drinks, which can be ordered and paid separately.

Children up to 10 years old receive free accommodation and meals, accompanied by parrents, and for those over 10 years old, half of the cost for an adult is paid.

Payment terms: 50% at the time of booking and 50% until 15 December 2021. Prices shown are for 2 persons for each type of room.

Boutique Hotel Casa Emil guests, have a 10% discount on all meals served inside Vanatorul Restaurant.

Enjoy the fresh mountain air!

Restaurant Vanatorul, Poiana Brasov

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Restaurant Vanatorul, Poiana Brasov

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